Reputable Australian supplier of scaffolding products and services
Why Primex

Primex is a recognised reputable Australian supplier of scaffolding products and services to the construction and industrial markets. We supply commercial and residential construction, mining and petrochemical, civil engineering, entertainment projects and maintenance works.

Primex has been providing on-site teams to the construction, industrial and resource sectors for many years, offering highly skilled and experienced trade and management personnel for projects right across Australia.

Working alongside the client’s personnel and other trades teams, we have a proven track record of safely delivering temporary access solutions in a well-planned and managed manner.

Skilled Craftmenship and Commitment

The Primex Experience

Our team of skilled scaffolders has been carefully selected to ensure that only personnel with a strong understanding of operation & safety systems and a commitment to our high expectations for service delivery are employed.

All Primex staff undertake pre-employment medicals and are VOC’d prior to employment to ensure skill set and suitability for project work. We provide all uniforms, PPE and WWH equipment so that each person is a self-sufficient operative.

Primex management, design and estimating teams work together on sites to understand and work collectively with the client plan so that the access solution is delivered in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible.

Primex maintains a catalogue of all drawings of works. Shutdown and outage works are documented and periodically reviewed to reduce future planning times and ensure correct supply of materials and a sound understanding of labour costs.

Scaffolding Services and Managment at its finest
Our Services

Primex offers a complete range of scaffold management and specialised scaffolding services including:


Planning & Scheduling

Scaffolding Supervision & Superintendents

Labour Hire

Labour Hire

Design & Engineering


Rope Access

Tube & Fit


Working With Excellent

Health and Safety

Safety and risk management is at the forefront of our service. Our management team and supervisors are constantly monitoring and implementing best OH&S practices across all our jobs. We understand the importance of safety for our employers and clients, and this goes hand in hand with quality. We believe that all activities in the workplace can be conducted without incident or injury to personnel. Primex invests significant resources into OH&S training. Our supervisors all undertake Frontline Supervisor training and are empowered to exercise their duties on the work front. All personnel receive training on our standards and procedures to ensure Primex is able to maintain a safe workplace. We place an emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement and are believers that the best ideas are generated from the ground up.

As Primex endeavours to ensure maximum site and staff safety, we implement the scaffSAFE System on all suitable sites. We are one of just a handful of scaffolders who use this system to secure scaffolding solutions. The scaffSAFE tie system consists of couplers installed with a custom designed spanner, on a typical scaffold. A scaffSAFE ensures a safer working environment for all employees on a scaffolding site. It allows workers to protect structures against unauthorised component adjustment or removal. The installation of the scaffSAFE System allows for monitoring and control by the principal contractor and scaffolder during the scaffolding erection & dismantling process.
Advantages of the scaffSAFE System:
Gain Advantage from our Innovation

Primex’s value proposition is: “Gain Advantage from our Innovation.” As such, innovation is a key driver behind everything we do.
At Primex we believe that innovation is the key to delivering better quality, efficiency, and value for money to our customers.

This has led us to invest in the following engineering, systems, plant, and equipment to deliver these outcomes:

Design and
Engineering Capabilities

3D animations and VR Capabilities

State of the
Art fabrication facility

CNC / Wintech machinery

Fabrication Workshops

Cloud-Based Scaffold Management System

Material Systems

Our Mission and Values

We deliver a unique and innovative suite of services with a commitment to value creation all within a positive setting for our people and customers.


We provide value-adding solutions that enable our customers across the energy, resources, infrastructure and building sectors to gain an advantage from our innovative technical abilities and exemplary leadership.



We are dedicated to thinking and working safely in all that we do and to respect the communities that we work and live in.


We are focused on exceeding expectations and finding work pathways that lead to sustainability.


We strive to work collaboratively with others in the spirit of teamwork and to foster a setting that enables informed decisions.


We believe in the power of imagination and will always be open to new ideas and innovation.


We will be open, honest and transparent in all that we do, at all times.

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our Values

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Our Team
Our Motivated Team

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